I am a husband and the father of a six year old son. Photography has been my passion, my life, my creative outlet and my daily motivation for many happy years.

On a daily basis I photograph the little ones at nursary schools. Challenging for sure, but once you get that winner a huge sense of accomplishment and pride.

Couples and families take up my afternoons, fun fun fun!

Then I photograph my weddings, wow, these are simply my best. I simply thrive on the love of the big day. Creative juices are at the max, absorbing the atmosphere and capturing the essense of your day. Keeping the photographs as natural as possible yet guiding you for the best possible result.

I aim to bring out the best of my couples and ensure classic, natural, spontaneous , timeless yet fun filled photographs with as little posing as possible.

I will guide you through your special day, making it stress free so you can just sit back and relax while I handle everything for you, from organizing the group photographs to advise on when and where you should throw the garter, cut the cake or even start your opening dance.

Please feel free to ask for advice ie. what time you should have the church service in winter, what’s the best time for summer photographs, how much time should we leave between the church and the reception, should we bring props, who joins us on the photo shoot etc.


I am here to help where possible – be sure to see my friendly tips section.


Lastly when looking for your wedding photographer keep the following in mind:

ALWAYS choose quality and experience over the promise of quantity. Why have 1000 average photographs when you can have 300 masterpieces.

A more expensive photographer is more expensive for a reason, as the saying goes – “ I can’t afford to buy cheap ! “

You will be spending your entire day with the photographer, be sure you get along !

Lastly – friends and family with cameras are NOT going to give you the same result, trust me on this one !